• Another HVN Film Night - Friday 22 May 8pm BST (UK time)
    This is the type of thing that may suit future Film Network events, as they are of a indie modern style and could be psychological & visibly channeling, with the subject matter.

    Please take a look and tell me what you think.
  • Another HVN Film Night - Friday 22 May 8pm BST (UK time)
    O.K, Thanks I am glad you got the point and even like the vision.

    A few years ago I attended a couple of Mental Health initiative's one was Held at CoolTan Art and combined with Art-Angel and a professional Film maker, the aim was for us to design an App, the group was hugely creative and inspiring as we covered a lot of interconnected subjects like, places and spaces are not the same thing, schizo-cartography, and the meaning of,or what actually is technology. We also did a App design Brief and added the Vincent Van gouge interactive Walk, with the add of the app game.
    Next, I participated within the Dragon Cafe, project twined with the Albany Drama Team, where upon a play was performed about the lost in translation between a voice hearer and the Psychiatrist.
    A discussion followed it where we were able to openly discuss our thoughts. As well as a drama class in the form of therapy session,

    I think if you adopted Co-Production and worked with theses organizations doors would open as connection would be made. Remember it's going that way anyway though yes to start with use other relevant shorts, interviews,

    Just thought I'd voice my idea.
  • Tonight (Friday) - Online Town Hall on Hearing Voices Movement & Open Dialogue
    In truth! I would like to see an actual network of support that is nothing like what I've encountered so far, it's been an endless stream of bad actors, toxic meds, phishing e-mails, mousetrap forum, and YouTube groomers. openly Gang stalked and avoiding framing attempts.

    I would love to see a TI victim support network quite unluck Shane Gibbs & TI Television as they where VERY,VERY TOXIC PERPS.
  • Another HVN Film Night - Friday 22 May 8pm BST (UK time)
    Hi Rai,

    Thank you for your response and brilliant question, I think the example you have does an excellent job of ticking a few boxes, one it's a personnel testimony based upon someone's experiences of psychosis, two it's in the style of a indie short as there are lots of good examples upon YouTube or Vimeo, which to draw influence from, though in an ideal world members or willing participants would with the help of known NGO participation make and produce small vignette film's that go where ever the participants want to go, some could be just an interview some could use more imagery, it would be an open event like that, ( I hope you can get what I mean).

    Also, you could include the current social distancing measures within the event by going online, there could be a Skype discussion after to accompany the showing of short films and what they mean.

    In regards to your questions, I think the tricky parts for me would be several, one the actual daily experiences of being a voice hearer, as most people don't have this normality and view it as evil, scary or drug-induced. Next would be the environmental aspects of being subject to mind games, and dodgy surveillance measures whether by the service provider or by malicious rumor-mongering (Snapchat)
    I suppose it would be the gaslighting or the actual voices themselves, though you would have a field day using creative methods to explain it to people and other like-minded sufferers.
    One idea could be to use a radio host to be the part of someone's voice and have a person receiving the messages, you could move from one scene to the next not realizing that they are the same person until the ending.
    Something like this..
  • Another HVN Film Night - Friday 22 May 8pm BST (UK time)
    I think there should be more indie mini-films about the realities of living with psychosis, they could be shown together as a film festival type of online event like the flyer above, this would encourage creative ways of re-telling our experience in order for people to understand what it is, and to lessen the stigma of being a sufferer.
    When would the next event take place and how to get involved.
  • YouTube videos release of HVN film Night
    A great idea, this would be the way forward.