• Another HVN Film Night - Friday 22 May 8pm BST (UK time)

    Yeah, I love Being Jesus because John, the guys who created it, knew the person featured and has his own experiences of extreme states ... so they created something cool together. That sense of collaboration and shared experience feels essential ... as it's so easy for documentaries to be a bit objectifying rather than expressive.

    It would be a dream to have the resources to do a film project like that, working collaboratively with a diverse bunch of people to help them express the experiences they want to express however they want to express them.

    I think the after-screening discussion would be essential - to help people really engage with it, rather than just see it as entertainment. And I've found at similar events that film is a good way of engaging those without the experience to be more curious and less afraid of asking stuff.

    That sense of normality is a challenging one to convey .... but so important. My life is not particularly interesting to see from the outside. Yes, I hear lots of things and have other sensory experiences ... but someone filming me wouldn't notice 99% of it ... I'm no scarier, more genius-like or funnier than anyone else.

    I love the idea of the radio host ... especially as it leaves the question open as to whether the host is 'real' (i use that term loosely as just because others can't hear it doesn't make it not real). That can be a good way of getting people to engage with the confusingness of making sense of what's going on.

    Not enough resources in HVN at the moment to make films ... but we can look around for what's out there :)
  • Tonight (Friday) - Online Town Hall on Hearing Voices Movement & Open Dialogue

    No probs ... I've got links to them all here.

    4: Four decades of making safe spaces for all: The Hearing Voices Network

    3: Dialogue is just what the doctor ordered

    2: Is Dialogical Response the Most Effective and Most Necessary Response to Crises?

    1: Exploring dialogical responses in the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Another HVN Film Night - Friday 22 May 8pm BST (UK time)
    That sounds like a great idea, Dale - there have been some awesome film festivals around psychosis and other forms of distress ... but usually in person. An online event would be great (and there are an increasing number of mini films available).

    Hmmm .... maybe that's something HVN could plan for the future (it'd take a bit of prep to get it going .... but it sounds possible). I'll run it by the rest of the board.

    I think the next event is going to show clips of stuff that's been on TV around voices, visions and other unusual experiences. I'm needing a little extra time to recuperate from the last one as it was lots of work ... but it'll probably be in a couple of weeks.

    I'll post more details on here when I know more, so you can sign up and suggest TV clips/series/characters for us to look at.

    As the the bigger event ... we'll probably need a bit of assistance in getting it ready etc, so we may ask for people to support us in it (again, I'll post on here when there's something more concrete).

    With warmth


    PS. What kind of representation would you like to see of voices/visions/psychosis? In an ideal world, what do you think would help others understand more? or what parts of the experience aren't easy to talk about and would really benefit from being featured in a short film?
  • Introducing The Forum Admin Team
    Hi, I'm Rai (short for Rachel). I'm the Chair of HVN, I hear voices, I see visions and have lots of different experiences that have led me to be labelled with a big 'old chunk of the DSM/ICD. I first went to a Hearing Voices Group back in 2001 (ish). It was life-changing for me in many different ways (it helped me find some friends, some kind of social life and helped me find a way of living with the experiences that were overwhelming me at the time). I found a way of being in the world that was OK. I went on to help co-facilitate the group and then, much later, I ended up as the manager of the London Hearing Voices Project (helping people set up and sustain these groups). We did loads of cool stuff there, including develop projects for children and young people, as well as people in prisons/secure units. It was a privilege to be involved with it for so long. Since then I went freelance, did plenty of travel (sharing the HVN vibe), trained as an Open Dialogue practitioner and am now studying.


    Am still finding my way through my own experiences (things are sooooo much better, but life rarely goes smoothly in my experience and I've still got stuff I'm trying to make sense of and live with). Outside of the HVN stuff (which is pretty much a vocation), I am lucky enough to have a 2 year old daughter who keeps me on my toes (along with a giant puppy and 3 cats!). I love music, watch sugar-TV to chill out and really value nature (it helps keep my ego in check ... I am a tiny speck in comparison to the sea or the earth). I love reading (but rarely have the time these days) and have designs on being good at baking/bread-making ... but such dreams rarely make it beyond watching Bake Off (sugar TV).

    I'm glad to be here supporting the forum ... and really grateful to those who are able to support it by donating (we've raised almost £500 so far!). I'm hoping we can be quite a chilled out team and that, as the forum grows, we'll be needed less and less. Part of the HVN ethos is really trying to create spaces where it's OK to be ourselves and to feel accepted in our differences. However, I get that this isn't always easy - and our role is to help the community get through any hiccups or challenges as we figure out how to make this space as supportive as it can be.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the forum.