• HVN Rai
    Tonight at 5pm UK time (12 noon Eastern Time) HOPENDIALOGUE, Open Excellence and Mad in America are hosting another one of their dialogical events ... this time around the Hearing Voices Movement.


    If you want to find out more, or register, see:


    I'm going to be there (in the audience - listening). There are some really awesome people on the panel and I'm looking forward to what they have to say.
  • HVN Mirabai
    Thanks @HVN Rai I'll be in the audience too and, having attended a few of these MIA events now and looking forward to some interesting 'chat' in the zoom chatbox, perhaps including some familiar folks from this forum, while listening to the dialogue. I think I might start a 'new discussion', or see what's on here, after the event...
  • HVN Mirabai
    So what didn’t really get discussed was, where might HVN go in the next 40 years? What’s the vision? If it’s a movement, where might we move to? Would ‘success’ mean HVN no longer needs to exist? Obviously online is one development, as are specialist groups. What else would we like to see in the future?
  • Dale
    In truth! I would like to see an actual network of support that is nothing like what I've encountered so far, it's been an endless stream of bad actors, toxic meds, phishing e-mails, mousetrap forum, and YouTube groomers. openly Gang stalked and avoiding framing attempts.

    I would love to see a TI victim support network quite unluck Shane Gibbs & TI Television as they where VERY,VERY TOXIC PERPS.
  • Sam Ruck
    is this one going to be put up on youtube for those of us who missed the live meeting like the previous ones? I still can't find it there...
  • HVN Rai

    No probs ... I've got links to them all here.

    4: Four decades of making safe spaces for all: The Hearing Voices Network

    3: Dialogue is just what the doctor ordered

    2: Is Dialogical Response the Most Effective and Most Necessary Response to Crises?

    1: Exploring dialogical responses in the COVID-19 pandemic

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