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    Hi all,

    After the popularity of our film night on 24 April, we've decided to make a regular feature of online gatherings (definitely for the lockdown, but if we can afford it - and manage it - for the longer term too). It feels like a great way of connecting with each other when being together in person is difficult for all kinds of reasons.

    So, you're welcome to join us on Friday 8th May from 7-8.30pm for 'Voices, visions & extreme states in music' - a night of exploring the way different genres of music portray and express experiences that aren't always so easy to talk about.

    We'll be playing some tunes ... sharing responses, thoughts and ideas and connecting with each other. Whilst we have a panel and some special guests, the plan is to make this much more interactive than the film night for those who want that. For example, everyone is still very welcome to come and just listen. People can still use the chat function and ask questions by writing them down. However, this time we'll have more opportunities for people to join us in the room to share their thoughts on a particular song or issue. No pressure on that, though - it's just an option if it's wanted.

    You can find out more and get the registration link here: http://www.hearing-voices.org/events/hvnmusic/


    Please share this info with anyone you think may be interested :)
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